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Our Scanco viva CT 40 allows fast in vivo µCT (micro-computed tomography) for preclinical studies.

ΜCT is similar to the computed tomography (CT) scans that are used to do medical imaging but with a resolution in the micrometer range.

The µCT scanner sends X-rays through the body to visualize a thin slice of the region of interest.

The x-ray source and detector revolve in unison around the animal.

A single 360° rotation is all that is required to capture a high resolution three dimensional image.

Black soap made from wood ash and palm kernel oil has been used in West Africa for hundreds of years. The Shampoo is not very sudy but it will give you the deep cleaning you need.

In its raw form, black soap or Oshe Dudu (Yoruba), Ncha Oji (Ibo) is a mild non-irritation soft soap that produces a rich dense lather.

It lifts up dirt and build-up espcecially for those with braids and locs.

It is also a very effective facial wash for oily and acned skin.

Enriched African Black Soap is raw black soap which has been liquefied and packaged in a bottle, more cleansing herbs, emollient herbs have been incorporated; thus making it convenient to use, hygienic, functional and more therapeutic.

Enriched African Black Soap has great foaming powers, rinses off easily leaving the skin feeling moist and soft.

(It contains natural vitamins A, C, D and E and glycerin) Although research into botanical constituents is still young, forward thinking chemists at Chic Afique Herbals have infused a rich herbal blend that is antiseptic, bactericidal and astringent, into the raw black soap, thus making it highly efficient for conditions such as ulcers, acne, dermatitis and eczema.